Our Story

ourstory1ourstory2All it took was cleaning out a baby’s bottle with ordinary dish soap to know that the chemical residue left behind couldn’t be good…

After much research, we were shocked to find out how many toxic chemicals are in today’s cleaning products.

We’d like it if everyone threw away all of the toxic chemicals in their kitchen cabinet (responsibly, of course!) and started using natural products… but we don’t think it’s going to be that easy. We don’t want to take chances on our family or the environment. And we don’t think you should have to either. As a mother, sister, daughter and friend, we feel it is our obligation to spread the word. We believe we can make a difference by educating others. We are committed to changing the way you view the cleaning industry. Our philosophy emphasizes preventing illness, prolonging life and protecting the environment.

Now….here’s a little secret…we can actually clean too! How do you think we managed to climb all the way to the top of our soapbox?

What’s more, we LOVE the way people feel about their home after we’ve cleaned. Turn-down beds, aromatherapy, lavender mist on your pillows, lollipops and cookies…are you pinching yourself? What could be better? A date with Brad Pitt? Okay, we’re not that good!

Your home and environment should be your sanctuary. Our home spa packages and signature amenities will transform your home into a personal retreat!

Call us and start pampering yourself today…


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“I’ve been using MaidPure for nearly a year now. I suffer from multiple allergies and autoimmune dysfunction. These people know their business and I can trust that when they leave, my home has been cleaned THOROUGHLY top to bottom in the most organic/green manner possible. The difference in their service compared to other cleaning companies is staggering. It really is “a cut above the rest”. And I can’t get enough of the orange citrus essential oil fragrance throughout the house or the scent of lavender on my sheets. The little gifts they leave and the cookie are a sweet bonus too. SUPERIOR SERVICE for only a few extra bucks.”
Susan K., Charleston, SC
“We’ve been very happy with MaidPure cleaning services for over a year. They treat us and our house as individuals – in other words – they don’t follow a ‘cookie-cutter’ process but tailor each cleaning to what we want and what our house needs. Always polite, professional, easy to reach and happy to accommodate our requests. My mom has used Maid Pure for several years and recommended them to us. Thanks mom and thanks MaidPure for being an excellent model of a small business that is successful because they really care about providing a high quality service.”
Kat H. , Charleston, SC
Dorsey and Heather from Maid Pure have been so great to work with. They are very hands on business owners and go above and beyond to ensure their clients are happy. We love coming home to our clean house after they’ve come. We also like how someone inspects the job to ensure consistency.
Summer P., Charlotte, NC
The ladies who clean our home are timely, professional, thorough and sweet. They are very flexible to our family’s needs and are great with our pets. Thanks so much for providing the kind of reliable service that makes our lives easier, happier and cleaner!
Leila R., Mt Pleasant, SC
All the gals from Maid Pure who clean for me do a phenomenal job! I really enjoy having them come once a month! Make my life so much easier:)
Jennifer B., Mt Pleasant, SC
I’ve been using Maid Pure for over a year and I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are the only company I know of who uses safe, non-toxic, great-smelling cleaning supplies across the board. (Some others have a few “green” cleaners but they also use other conventional cleaners with them.) They are prompt, courteous and very efficient. Choose Maid Pure to protect your health and ensure a sparkling, clean home every time!
Alys C., Mt Pleasant, SC
They were very thorough and on time. Loved the thank you card with the next cleaning date reminder.
Amy I., North Charleston, SC